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Goals for Zero Waste in Todos Santos

1.- Zero Waste is to decrease the amount of waste going to the local dump (the more people involved, less waste reaching the landfill).

2.- To promote a new culture regarding the Integral Waste Managment (Organic and Inorganic separation at source).

3.- To create awareness of Consumption by promoting the vision of the three R's: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. (Do not confuse comfort level with consumption level).

4.- To spread Environmental Awareness for the collective welfare of our community and the rest of the world (not to the future, but now!)

5. At the Green Point (Collection Center) we carry out Urban Mining to recover precious metals and basic raw materials for primary industry without affecting the environment (reduction of environmental footprint).

6.- Change the traditional route of consumer goods (when they reach the end of their useful life) from a Linear Economy to a Circular Economy, closing the Energy / Matter Cycle.

7. Informing that Garbage Dumps/Landfills are highly toxic mines. More garbage at these places, more environmental risks.

8. To ensure that the Local Society participates actively in the culture of recycling for the benefit of the environment and of course the human being.

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