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Solid urban, special handling and hazardous waste generated by industrial, commercial and service activities in Mexico, including construction activities, constitute one of the life cycle phases of materials and consumer products produced in Mexico. the country or that are imported.


In addition, technological evolution has brought with it the entry into trade of non-biodegradable goods -because they are manufactured with synthetic substances- or that may contain dangerous substances, for which they have been subject to national and international regulation to prevent or minimize damage. to human health and the environment.


The trend in the 21st century is to close the life cycle of materials and products, through regenerative circular economy systems that avoid the waste of energy, water, materials and soils, and in which waste that cannot be avoided they are managed as resources to reincorporate them to the productive chains or to reintegrate them into nature.


Management Plans (waste management is a global, national and local issue)

What is it ?: It is a management instrument that will allow the individual and the authority to design and control in a flexible way the integral management of waste, through

efficient management proposals that minimize waste generation and prioritize their recovery.


Main objectives of the management plans: to promote the minimization of waste generation; promote shared responsibility of

producers, distributors and marketers (Circular Economy); carry out the separation from the source, the differentiated collection of waste and promote the reuse and recycling of solid waste, in order to reduce the volume of waste that is currently going to final disposal (ZERO GARBAGE).


Who should design and execute a comprehensive waste management plan:


Much of the waste that is generated in industrial processes, and commercial and service activities, as unwanted by-products or as off-specification products, is Special Handling Waste. Incorporated into such waste, waste derived from consumption, operation and maintenance of other areas that are part of the industrial, commercial and service facilities, such as offices, dining rooms, toilets and maintenance, are generated, which due to their characteristics are considered as Waste Urban Solid, but due to their generation volumes greater than 10 tons per year or its equivalent in other units, they become Special Handling Waste, therefore they must have a comprehensive waste management plan.



"Ecorrrevolucion A.C." It offers an advisory service in integral waste management, design of management plans, elaboration of diagnoses, conducting workshops and talks on the environment and recycling, Circular Economy, Zero Waste Vision.

Advice on comprehensive waste management and holding workshops on the environment and recycling:

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