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It is a strategy to take care of the environment; specifically to minimize the volume of waste or garbage generated by the population.

In a few words, the "rrr" help to throw less waste, save money and of course energy. The less garbage in garbage dumps and landfills, the less are the threats of incineration of waste and therefore, less greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

1.- Reduce (Do not confuse consumption level with comfort level)

When we talk about reduction, what we are saying is that we should try to reduce or simplify the consumption of direct products, that is, everything that is bought and consumed, since this has a direct relationship with waste, at the same time who also has it with our pocket.

For example, instead of buying 6 small bottles of a drink, you can get one or two large ones, having the same product but fewer containers to worry about.

2.- Reuse

Reuse means being able to reuse things and give them the best possible use before the time comes to get rid of them, given that by reducing the volume of garbage, environmental risks are reduced at the end of its useful life.


This task is usually the one that receives the least attention and is one of the most important, which also helps the economy at home a lot.

3.- Recycle

The last of the tasks is recycling, which consists of subjecting materials to mechanical, chemical, physical processes, with which new products can be re-manufactured, reducing in a truly significant way the use of virgin materials, energy and water (environmental footprint) and with it, more garbage in the future.


Well managed waste becomes raw material. (waste = resources)


We are immersed in the culture of buy, use, throw and buy (Linear Economy) and in the garbage.

The societies of the world have always produced waste, but it is now, in the consumer society, when the volume of garbage is exceeding us. In the garbage / waste of each day are the resources that we will soon miss.


In Mexico, each citizen generates, on average, 1 kilogram of garbage a day, which gives 365 kg. per person per year, and in turn 40,150,000,000 kgs. year.

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