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Given the current collection volumes, the operational model of Punto Verde is not financially sustainable, since the money obtained from the sale (in special centers) of recyclable materials (on average 100 usd per month), is not enough to cover expenses (fixed costs, transportation costs and operators salaries) considering it is a 5 days a week job.


This means that without the dedication of the volunteers and the support of our donors, there would be no recycling and tons of useful waste would go to landfills causing negative impacts to the environment.


In order to the above, Punto Verde asks those who recycle, a minimum donation of $ 50.00 pesos when leaving waste in their facilities.  


If these users do not have the possibility of donating in cash, there is the alternative of personally doing the work of separating and classifying waste (completed task at 100%), or volunteering at pre-established days and times.    


Below we present the average market prices of some of the post-consumption inorganic waste. These prices are considering bulk waste, delivered at the buyer's plant (La Paz and Mexicali), clean and correctly classified, packed and pre-weighed:

1.- Paper for recycling: $ 0.30 x kg

2.- Cardboard of several types: $ 0.50 x kg

3.- Plastic Bottles # 01 (PET): $ 1.00 x kg

4.- Plastic # 06 (ABS) and others: $ 0.50 x kg (highly polluting Plastics utilziado in electronic equipment and accessories)

5.- Transparent plastic bags: $ 0.50 x kg (Color bags can not be recycled for now)

6.- Electronic equipment and accessories: $ 1.50 x kg (without disassembly)

7.- Clear Glass: $ 0.60 x kg

8.- Aluminum Cans: $ 15.00 x kg

9. Copper: $ 55.00 x kg

10. Metal sheets/ Iron / Scrap $ 1.00 x kg

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