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Alex Miro is an environmentalist and geologist who is passionate about the environment. He lives in Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico.


Recognizing that Todos Santos did not have a comprehensive waste management system, Alex and his team decided to take action: they started at the street outside his office; MultiServicios Miró.


In 2013 a three phase plan was created to officially open a community recycling center- Punto Verde in Todos Santos.


In 2014, they secured a land lease outside of town from which they could base their operations.




Later in July, with the help of Los Amigos de Baja, Alex and his team launched a Kickstarter campaign that raised $5,600 USD. Thanks to the community’s support, Phase I of Punto Verde was underway.


With the money raised during Phase I, Punto Verde acquired:


  • 20 Super Bags

  • 5 Boxes

  • 2 Pallets

  • 2 Working tables

  • 4 Folding chairs

  • 1 Roof

  • 1 Digital Scale

  • 1 Industrial Scale

  • 1 Tool kit

  • 1 Hose

  • Cleaning Products Combo

  • Government Permits



Punto Verde was finally able to receive waste, primarily paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and electronics.

Every few weeks, when there is enough waste to justify the trip, Alex and his team (workers and volunteers) load a truck full of accumulated material to haul over to La Paz (which, though 80 km away, is still the closest recycling center to Todos Santos).

On average, Punto Verde makes about $100 USD per month from the sale of recyclables. Though, the trips to La Paz generally cost more than this. Punto Verde continues to follow its mission to reduce the environmental negative impact by providing an integral waste management.

Because of the generosity of donors, Punto Verde was able to buy a heavy-load truck. This allowed the recycling center to operate more efficiently, and completed the second phase of development.

What does Punto Verde Todos Santos needs to achieve a Sustainable Recycling Center?












Third phase (Phase 3):

Punto Verde needs to raise about $32,000 USD.


Below is a list of items needed, along with its estimated dollar amount. Some items, such as the truck and the fence, have already been purchased. They were intentionally included to give a clear understanding in Punto Verde’s development plan.

  • 1 Compressor                                                                 $ 6,160.00 usd

  • 1 Pallet Jack                                                                   $ 770,00 usd

  • 1 Fork Lift                                                                      $ 3.080,00 usd

  • Plastic Rolls                                                                    bought

  • Strap machine and Strapes                                              bought

  • Truck                                                                             bought

  • 1 Electricity Generator                                                    $ 1,000.00 usd

  • 1 Shredder (Mill for plastics)                                            $ 6,160.00 usd

  • 1 Trailer with Cage                                                         $ 2,500.00 usd

  • Electricity and Water installation                                      $ 1,000.00 usd

  • Construction materials (Walls, Floor, Bodega, and Office)    $ 6,000.00 usd

  • Permits                                                                         $ 500.00 usd    

TOTAL:                                                                              $ 27,170.00 usd

Money raised above this amount, and after tax fees, will be used to finance the Niñ@s Verdes education program.


Since its opening, Alex and his team have kept out from the dump:


  • 24.7 tons of paper and cardboard.

  • 15.2 tons of different kind of plastic.

  • 0.620 tons of motherboards, processors, etc.

  • 8.9 tons of different kind of metal

The work ahead is hard, but through a collective effort of time and money, Punto Verde will become self-sustaining.


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